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Editorial: Jammin in July
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Those who braved the hot summer afternoon and evening -- and a brief rain shower early on -- found their musical rewards at the 20th annual edition of Jammin in July at Historic Camden Revolutionary War Site on Saturday. As you can see from the pictures on today’s front page, there were a lot of acts to enjoy, ranging from solo acoustic guitar/vocalists to straight-up rock and roll. Each brought their best for this 20th annual fete: Cleanhead Eddie G (Ed Grossheim, accompanied by the C-I’s own Jim Tatum and Gary Phillips); up and coming Camden teen acoustic solo artist Anna Lynn Ferris; eclectic acoustic rock from Fair Jam, made up of Scott Jordan, Bobby Joseph and Paul Hayes; Tatum returned with the classic rock band he helped form in the Lowcountry, the Double Naught Spies; Jim Hayes and Friends; Columbia rock band The Revelry; Blues favorite Robert Lighthouse; and headliner Webb Wilder and the Beatnecks, a group that’s been around for 30 years playing a great combo of R&B, rock and roll, country, Blues and pop.