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Editorial: Karesh
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We join in the excitement at hearing what Health Services District of Kershaw County Chairman Derial Ogburn told people at a meeting sponsored by Preserve Camden with Responsible Growth on Friday evening at the National Steeplechase Museum. During that meeting, Ogburn talked not only about the district’s plan to move the Karesh Long Term Care Center to a new facility to be built at Beechwood, but a vision for assisted living and other retirement community components in the future.

Most of what Ogburn had to say wasn’t necessarily new in that the district purchased Beechwood last October and he had informed city and county councils of the plan. What people may not have heard before was Ogburn’s personal passion to “do this project right, do it to fit this community and to do it in conjunction with you folks, our customers, so that one day .... we can be bringing in some money for this community.”

The district is an arm of the county government and, by design, nonprofit. Whatever money it makes, it must put back into its operations or into the community. Ogburn envisions a day when those contributions might reach $2 million a year to, as he put it, “make this county a healthier place to live.”

Nearly a year ago, we strongly urged those involved in economic development to consider truly making Camden and Kershaw County a retirement haven. We think Ogburn and the district’s vision of a new Karesh wing and -- at the right time, in the right way -- a retirement community at Beechwood, is the answer to that call.