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Editorial: Merry Christmas, or...
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Whatever your holiday greeting of choice is, whether you say “Merry Christmas,” “Wassail,” “Happy Hannukah,” “Bountiful Kwanzaa,” or “Festivus for the Rest of Us,” we believe we know what you’re trying to say. We understand the meaning; we feel the good cheer; and we would like to give a hearty and heartfelt, “Right back atcha, friends!”

All frivolity aside, this holiday season is about many things. It’s about celebrating the good in this world. It’s about the starry eyed wonder and excitement of children, the deep ties of togetherness of family and friends, the warmth of giving, the renewal of hope in a world that sometimes seems like it’s losing it, and fast.

For many, it’s about the birth of a baby boy who is a savior, the Messiah, the one who brings hope and life and joy to the world and to the heavens above and all creation. For many others, it holds other meanings of equally deep importance to them.

Whatever today means to you, we hope it brings out the best in you.

We believe the spirit of the season is love, unfiltered, unconditional and unlimited. Love is the most powerful force for good in the universe. The secret of that force is fairly simple -- one has to give it before one can receive it. It is not something that can be harnessed or employed. It emanates from within each of us, if only we allow it to do so.

The very power of it lies in its accessibility. It can start with one random, simple, small act of kindness -- by absolutely anyone -- and snowball into an entire wonderful state of being for all of us.

That’s something worth striving for -- and celebrating -- all year long.

To all of you from all of us, have a very restful, blessed and wonderful holiday.