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Editorial: Sheriff’s office
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Two of today’s front page stories include the Kershaw County Sheriff’s Office (KCSO), currently in its sixth month under Sheriff Lee Boan.

The first is our top story, about a hatchback -- possbily a Nissan -- that has been stuck in the Wateree River since November. As we relate, Boan said he’s been aware of the car since the beginning, but (as did the S.C. Department of Natrual Resources) felt that conditions needed to be right, and that the car owner’s insurance company needed to pay, in order for it to be removed.

Boan, as he often does, said it straight: It’s not easy to move, but it needs to be moved. Hopefully that will happen soon.

Next is a story about what appears to be an accidental shooting in Lugoff back on Friday night. Information for the story was provided by Chief Deputy Steve Knafelc and via an official sheriff’s office report.

We first heard about the shooting via social media and what was heartening was how most of the people commenting solidified what we have felt during these first six months of Boan’s term: The sheriff’s office is more visible, more involved and more open than ever before. We’re glad a majority of people feel the same way and look forward to being able to report even more examples.

We are especially pleased with the visibility factor. Those little blue lights at the ends of their light bars atop their patrol cars are a welcome sight to citizens everywhere in the county. They are proof that we are being protected and that help is nearby.