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Editorial: To the stars
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Ad astra por totas -- “To the stars for everyone” -- is Bella Stofiel’s motto.

We introduce you to Bella, a 7th Grader at Lugoff-Elgin Middle School, on today’s front page. In that article, provided by the Kershaw County School District, Bella is described as an entrepreneur (co-founder with her father of Stofiel Aerospace, an orbital launch company), an “articulate advocate” for space development (having testified at the age of 10 in front of an aerospace and aviation technical committee), and -- obviously -- smart (by staying familiar with scientific and technological advances, including space business developments).

With all this making up her character and driving her toward the future, what really impresses us about Bella is her work as a mentor to fellow students. She is teaching other young people about 3D printing, talking with them in order to inspire them into space-related fields, and developing a learning system for kids  around the world who are interested in space-based careers.

Kids, you could do worse than to follow Bella’s lead, whether you’re in 7th Grade like she is, or younger or older. Adults, here’s a great example of a young person that we can emulate as well. It’s never too late to learn or even pursue a new career path.

Perhaps what we should say is (roughly) Post bella usque ad astra -- Follow Bella to the stars.