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Editorial: Stoplights
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Recently, we reminded readers -- including members of law enforcement -- to drive safely. Today, we have a similar reminder, but it’s about coming to a complete stop rather than whether or not your speeding.

As you’ll find near the bottom of the next page, we have a letter to the editor thanking the powers that be for installing traffic lights at the T-intersection of Black River Road and South Broad Street (U.S. 521). The installation is part of a much larger plan to improve traffic flow and safety in the area, especially in light of the newer Central Carolina Technical College (CCTC) building that opened a year ago and the new Woolard Technology Center that will replace the Kershaw County School District’s Applied Technology Education Center next fall.

Meanwhile, on the north side of town, another traffic light has been installed at the interesection of Boykin Road and North Broad Street (also U.S. 521) as part of the approved truck route around downtown Camden.

As another reader who called us pointed out, both of these stoplights are now fully operational; neither is flashing any longer, but go through the normal green, yellow, red sequence.

The caller said some folks have been ignoring the lights, driving right through the intersections. The last thing we want to do is publish a story about someone getting killed at either intersection.

So, do us all a favor, keep your eyes open and obey all traffic signals. It’ll keep you, your families and everyone else safe as we drive around town.