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Editorial: Truck stop
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Readers will notice a story by Editor Martin L. Cahn on today’s front page regarding Kershaw County Council’s recent annual retreat.

The retreat, held last weekend, is an event council conducts every year to receive input from county departments, set goals, identify upcoming issues of interest and importance and start the budget process rolling.

One of the items discussed was the news that a new Love’s Truck Stop is planned for I-20’s Exit 87, which is the White Pond Road exit. Plans apparently call for some 26 acres to be developed in to a large facility; that facility would be located immediately south of Exit 87 on the west side of White Pond Road, about 1/2-mile from Ft. Jackson Road (S.C. 12)

While we absolutely welcome new businesses to our community -- particularly businesses that will undoubtedly generate significant revenue -- we sincerely hope that all involved tread very carefully here, as the impact to this particular area is not going to be just “somewhat more pronounced,” it’s going to be enormous. The area is already feeling traffic pressures from increased residential development alone. Doby’s Mill Elementary School is nearby. Several large housing developments are also expected to come online, in the fairly near future, in that area.

Concerns are many and significant, starting with major increases in not only residential traffic, but heavy truck traffic, all on a road that is currently two-lane and at an intersection that currently does not have a traffic signal.

We sincerely hope this works out for the best for all -- it certainly could be a great addition in so many ways -- but, in this case, we especially and emphatically urge extreme due diligence.