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Editorial: United Way
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Congratulations to the United Way of Kershaw County on its 65th anniversary, celebrated during a special event on Wednesday, which happened to be June 5, or 6/5 -- how clever!

Since its initial inception in the post-World War II years of the 1950s as the county’s Community Chest, the United Way has done tremendous good in Kershaw County.

As recounted in our front page story, today’s United Way and the agencies for which it is an umbrella deal with a host of issues it aims to improve: homelessness, hunger, financial and family stability and more. And, as long-time president Donny Supplee said, there is much more to come. His vision is one where every person in Kershaw County has a home, every person has enough to eat, and every person can pursue their dreams, whatever they may be. To that end, the United Way will continue working.

We also commend the United Way for conferring its Jake Watson Award upon not just the amazing Rose Sheheen, but her entire family, including her late husband, Fred, and her children and grandchildren. This is the first time the Watson award has been awarded to an entire family, and it is well deserved as the Sheheens, including this particular branch, have done so much for our county in so many ways.

So, congratulations to Ms. Rose and family and congratulations to the United Way on its special anniversary. May the next 65 years prove just as -- if not more -- successful as the last.