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Editorial: Yes, its cold, but
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Oh, sure, everyone’s been complaining a bit about the bitterly cold weather we’ve been having here in Kershaw County this week. And, yes, it’s been unseasonably frigid, with the temperature nearly reaching single digits Thursday morning, with a wind chill considerably lower than that. But a few days of shivering are a small price to pay for a climate that is superior to most others in this country. In fact, it gave us South Carolinians a chance to experience some of those temps we see when watching weather broadcast from Minnesota or North Dakota -- on a temperate day! And we can rejoice in the fact that we have such weather only a day or two each winter rather than a steady dose of it.

In a couple months, plants will start budding and we’ll begin the glorious spring that South Carolina boasts. Summer? Well, we all know that’s not the most pleasant time, but it’s soon followed by a fall that is … well, it’s just magnificent. So while we might be shivering and wearing more layers than normal, we’ll be back to more routine winter temps by next week, with near-perfect temps for walking, tennis, golf and working in the yard. So let’s celebrate a climate that is matched by few other places -- as soon as we stop shivering.