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Interim CEO
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During a turbulent year at KershawHealth, one theme has been consistent: that patient care has not deteriorated and that the hospital’s staff has continued to provide high-level medical services and compassionate care for patients. That’s no doubt been made more difficult by the turmoil surrounding the facility’s top management and board. Now, with a new executive having been hired to run KershawHealth on a temporary basis, it’s time to focus on returning the hospital to profitability and “settling things down.”

Terry J. Gunn was hired earlier this week as interim CEO. He has a broad resume in the healthcare industry, having served in a number of different capacities at various locations. He’s been hired on a month-to-month basis but there is certainly some chance he could become the permanent CEO if things go well. Of course, the biggest challenge facing Gunn, the staff and the board will be to stem the tide of red ink that is flowing on a monthly basis. It’s becoming more and more difficult to survive as a small, independent hospital, and the future of KershawHealth depends, of course, on dollars and cents. No matter how professional the level of medical care might be, the hospital has to be able to stand on its own feet.

To that end, we wish Gunn well. He possesses a great deal of experience in the field, and through extensive interviews with the board no doubt understands the challenges ahead. We’re confident that most people here in Kershaw County would prefer that the hospital remain independent rather than be gobbled up by a larger system, which has happened throughout the country. It appears the board has made a good choice to give KershawHealth the best possible chance to do that.