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Legislative report cards
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Surprise, surprise. Gov. Nikki Haley has handed out poor “report card” grades to Democratic legislators in Columbia, and they have responded by giving her a poor grade as chief executive of the Palmetto State. When Haley announced shortly after being elected that she planned to hand out grades to legislators, it sounded like a bad idea to us. First of all, it’s arrogant. Second, it was reasonably easy to predict that members of her own party would get higher marks than Democrats. And third, it looked as if Haley had learned nothing from the contentious relationship that her predecessor, Mark Sanford, had with members of the General Assembly. Obviously, the message being sent by Haley was that if lawmakers agreed with her own positions, then they were good lawmakers. If they didn’t, then they were bad lawmakers.

So we’re laying the blame for this brouhaha at her feet. However, we’ll also point out that Democrats jumped right into the fray, holding a press conference to announce their own report cards. And not surprisingly, Haley got an F. It would have been refreshing to hear them simply say they weren’t going to descend into the muck with her and voters could judge for themselves the wisdom, or lack of it, of the entire report card scheme. But they couldn’t resist firing back.

The best thing for South Carolina voters to do would be to ignore the entire affair.