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March Madness
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For Kershaw County sports fans, like those across the country, few events can surpass in excitement the annual NCAA college basketball tournament, which has been known as March Madness for many years. (Well, here in the Palmetto State, the South Carolina-Clemson football game sits at the top of the list.) But this year, the tournament takes place amid much uncertainty regarding the basic structure of college sports. A long-anticipated lawsuit was filed earlier this week challenging the NCAA and several major conferences, including the SEC and ACC. Filed by four former college athletes -- one of them ex-Clemson football player Martin Jenkins -- the suit charges the NCAA and the conferences are an “unlawful cartel” which illegally restricts and earning power of football and basketball players while earning millions of dollars off their efforts. Other similar suits have been filed, and athletes at Northwestern University are in the process of trying to start a union.