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Noted and passed
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• Sen. Charles Schumer of New York, who never met a television camera he didn’t like, didn’t realize a microphone was turned on when he started dispensing advice to his Democratic colleagues on how to picture Republican policies as “extreme.” Schumer’s pointers give one indication of why everything is endlessly “spun” in Washington. Of course, it’s not only Democrats who do this, as Republicans are just as guilty. But Schumer’s the one who got caught; perhaps he’ll check next time to make sure there’s not a live microphone around.

• Budget cuts at the Kershaw County School District are old -- though unfortunate -- hat now, and the district’s decision to end the Licensed Practical Nursing (LPN) program at ATEC and send students to an LPN program through Central Carolina Technical College makes sense. Students interested in such a course will be able to take the first year at a Camden campus, and then spend most of the second year in Sumter. That’s about as good a solution as possible given funding cuts, and the savings will allow the district to add another health science program, for which there is significant demand.

• More and more cities are passing ordinances banning texting while driving, the latest one being Columbia. It’s time the General Assembly passed a statewide law, which would eliminate the need for such local ordinances.