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Noted and passed
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Multiple sources are saying Katie Couric will leave her post as anchor of the “CBS Evening News,” with the show mired in third place far behind rivals NBC and ABC. Couric was lured away from a long and successful tenure at NBC’s “Today” show, and she is said to be eying a syndicated TV talk show. What works on a feature-type show such as “Today” doesn’t always translate to success in the anchor chair. But we hope Couric finds success in whatever she does as she seems like a pleasant sort.

It will be fun for Kershaw County residents to follow Camden native Michael Kohn’s baseball season; he was called up to the major leagues late last year with the Los Angeles Angels and starts the new year on their big-league roster as a relief pitcher. And closer to home, Lugoff-Elgin High School graduate Forrest Koumas has gotten off to a good start as a pitcher for the USC Gamecocks. We wish both of them a lot of strikeouts.

Quarterback Stephen Garcia has been suspended for the fifth time. We understand, of course, that coaches are paid for winning and it is difficult for Coach Steve Spurrier to kick Garcia off the team, as he doesn’t have another quarterback who has proven he can get things done. Nevertheless, five suspensions seems the limit, and we’d guess there might be some rumblings of discontent among other team members if Garcia is given a sixth opportunity. Seems like calling an end to this and moving on might be the best course of action.

As this is being written, the country is on the verge of a government shutdown. Some say that might not be a bad thing. But obviously, it would, and getting to that point is just one more sign of how paralyzed our lawmaking process is in the United States. Bickering, bragging and finger-pointing are the most prominent skills displayed on Capitol Hill these days, and t