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Noted and passed
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• Anheuser-Busch, from its founding in the mid-19th century, has been an iconic American brand, its primary product being the industry behemoth Budweiser. For many, it was unfortunate when the company was sold in 2008 to Brazilian-Belgian brewing giant Inbev. It was recently revealed that August Busch IV, the last of the founding family to play an active role, is stepping down as a director, leaving a Busch-less company for the first time. In business, things change quickly, but it is nevertheless a bit sad to see this longtime company now without a member of its founding family.

• We read about technology daily, but we recently ran across a story that we hadn’t thought of: the teaching of cursive handwriting is in some places disappearing. Many elementary school students now learn keyboarding at a young age, and though cursive is still taught in most places, it commands far less attention than it used to. That reflects, of course, the trend of fewer hand-written letters and more e-mail. Yes, we know it’s a sign of the time, but it’s a little sad to see so little emphasis placed on a subject that used to be listed on every elementary student’s report card.

• Airlines have become increasingly more customer-unfriendly as time has gone by. One wag pointed out recently that when a customer attempts to change a reservation, most airlines add a $150 change fee plus the difference in the cost of the originally booked ticket and the changed one. Yet airlines routinely cancel flights far ahead of their scheduled date and then rebook passengers onto a different one that might be -- and usually is -- far less convenient and more time-consuming. Of course, they never provide any compensation for that. It’s just one more reason that flying has become a giant pain in the rear.

• People convicted of drunk driving who have lost their licenses can still drive mopeds on the roads of South Carolina. But under South Carolina law, police who apprehend someone driving drunk on a moped can’t charge that person with DUI and must attach a lesser charge. There’s a bill currently before the General Assembly which would allow police to charge drunk moped drivers with DUI. It should pass.