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Noted and passed
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• Kudos to the Kershaw County Library for joining a network that allows patrons to download audio books and e-books onto their computers and other electronic devices. As trends shift away from the printed page, the library isn’t being left behind and is making changes necessary to continue as a relevant entity in a changing world. The local library has always been outstanding, and this is just one more development in a proud history.

• Few spectators at the Carolina Cup and Colonial Cup steeplechase races stop to think about the danger involved for those participating in the race -- jockeys and horses alike. This week we join many others in the equine world in mourning the death of Jorge Torres, who died last week as a result of injuries he sustained in a fall from Malibu Moon in a race during last fall’s Colonial Cup program. It’s inherently a dangerous sport, which this incident proves.

• Some people have expressed alarm at the bill passed by the S.C. Senate last week requiring voters to show some sort of picture identification when the go to the polls. It seems reasonable to us, however, and most Palmetto State residents already have such cards; it’s not a difficult task to obtain one for those who don’t yet carry them. The move will help ensure the integrity of the voting process.

• Actress Lindsay Lohan is the poster child for bad behavior in Hollywood -- and we’re not saying Tinseltown has a monopoly on such antics -- and she will finally end up behind bars. Lohan, who’s not taken advantage of several stops in rehab to try to control substance abuse problems, was sentenced last week to four months in jail (officials will allow home detention because she’s a non-violent offender) for stealing a bracelet from a jewelry store. We’re all for giving people additional chances to clean up their acts, but Lohan has crossed the line too often.