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Noted and passed
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• President Obama has started tweeting, and he might regret it. The president is now using the social-media Twitter to send out messages, but Republicans aren’t letting him get off unscathed, sending in questions about the economy’s performance during his administration. The city of Camden has recently undergone its own social media upheaval with its (former) Facebook account, and folks there might advise the president that tweeting might not end up all that it’s cracked up to be.

• We commented earlier on the impressive performance in the Republican presidential debate by Minnesota Rep. Michelle Bachmann. Now we have another case of political correctness run amok, with a staffer for Gov. Tim Pawlenty of that same state having to apologize for saying of Bachmann, “She’s got hometown appeal, she’s got ideological appeal. And, I hate to say it, but she’s got a little sex appeal too.” Aide Vin Weber later said his statement was disrespectful, and Pawlenty himself, whose campaign isn’t catching fire, said it was inappropriate. In reality, Bachmann, as a capable and savvy woman who happens to be attractive to boot, does indeed have a little sex appeal. Saying Bachmann has sex appeal in no way diminishes her intelligence, political acumen or ability to be president. It’s a sad day when such a comment has to be dissected and then withdrawn.

• We hate to see Kershaw County Economic Development Director Nelson Lindsay go, but it appears that he has an excellent opportunity to start a similar venture in neighboring Richland County. Lindsay has been an integral part of the county team here for 14 years and will be missed. We’re glad to see that he and his family will continue to live in Camden.

• It’s also good to see Camden Mayor Jeffrey Graham elected to head a new organization made up of mayors from across the state. The Association of South Carolina Mayors was formed to help advance the cause of municipalities at the state level. Networking with other government leaders should be a good thing and we hope it will mean progress for the city of Camden and will be enjoyable for Graham.