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Noted and passed
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• We’re glad to see that Pee Dee native Cale Yarborough has been voted into the NASCAR Hall of Fame. Yarborough and his hard-driving style helped popularize auto racing decades ago, and back in those days, when drivers were often former moonshine runners, he was also pretty good with his fists. His brouhaha with Bobby and Donnie Allison is still the stuff of legends. Yarborough, short in statue but tall in skill, is a deserving member of the Hall of Fame.

• One of the great boondoggles in government subsidy programs is that offered to producers of ethanol, the corn-based fuel, and it costs U.S. taxpayers about $6 billion a year. Sen. Tom Coburn of Oklahoma tried to eliminate the subsidies, charging that they are wasteful and that they increase the price of food by inflating corn prices. But a coalition of senators from both parties defeated the move, proving once again that many elected representatives in Washington don’t give a flip about addressing the huge budget deficit.

• Serving on Kershaw County Council is a difficult job, and we certainly don’t think council members are overpaid. But raising their own salaries at a time when money is tight and people are struggling just doesn’t send the right message. Upon a motion by Vice Chairman Sammie Tucker, the council voted 4-3 to up their pay by a few thousand dollars a year. Tucker, Tom Gardner, Bobby Gary and C.R. Miles Jr. supported the idea while Stephen Smoak, Jimmy Jones and Chairman Gene Wise opposed it. It’s not an appropriate time for such action.