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Noted and passed
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• TV personality Alex Trebek is well known for asking “answers” on “Jeopardy!” but not as much so for chasing down intruders, which he did last week after someone invaded his hotel room. Alas, Trebek suffered a ruptured Achilles tendon while chasing down the violator, and he has undergone surgery. We hope he’ll soon be recovered, as we (and legions of other “Jeopardy!” fans in Kershaw County don’t want to have to miss him behind the lectern of any episodes.

• “Those clowns in Washington” -- that’s what more and more people are calling members of Congress -- have a great deal going for themselves. Rep. David Wu is preparing to resign after being accused of having an unwanted sexual encounter with an 18-year-old, but even under such circumstances, he will take with him from Washington a hefty pension and benefits of more than $1 million. Not a bad deal for a guy who’s essentially being forced to retire.

• Texas Gov. Rick Perry hasn’t even said he is planning to run for president, but he’s already nearly caught Mitt Romney in public opinion polls among likely GOP voters. Republicans still aren’t throwing their support -- or their money -- behind any single candidates, which will make it more difficult to defeat a vulnerable president next year.

• The U.S. Postal Service is looking at thousands of facilities across the country as possible candidates to get the ax, and the Dusty Bend post office annex is one of them. Nationally, the post office is bleeding red ink because of the rise of electronic messaging and mail, and there’s even talk that mail delivery in future years could be reduced to three days a week. There are many who criticize the pay and pension plans of the USPS, and there’s some merit to that criticism, but plummeting mail volume is the biggest culprit. We’d hate to see a local facility shuttered, but we wouldn’t be surprised.