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Noted and passed
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• Actress Daryl Hannah and others were arrested last week in front of the White House during a sit-in to protest a new oil pipeline from Canada. The activists called for clean energy investments, instead. We doubt there’s a single American who’s not in favor of cleaner energy, but the clear reality is that the country can’t meet its needs with high-tech energy. In fact, one recipient of a recent government loan guarantee of half a billion dollars, solar energy company Solyndra, declared bankruptcy last week. We can’t object to the idealism of those who would like to see the country rid itself of any fossil fuels, but they truly don’t live in the real world.

• Nobody’s ever accused former Vice President Dick Cheney of not being controversial, and he’s continuing that legacy with the publication of his new memoir, “In My Time.” Cheney has had plenty of comments about everyone from George Bush to Condoleezza Rice and he hasn’t been hesitant in pumping his book, appearing on TV shows across the nation. Some former government officials aren’t too pleased. For Cheney, it’s business as usual.

• Spokesmen for President Obama who insist his innocence in attempting to schedule a major speech on the same night Republican presidential candidates will debate aren’t fooling any clear-thinking Americans. It was poor form on the president’s part. That being said, Americans of all persuasions are tired of Democrats and Republicans fighting over speech dates when the economy is still in the doldrums. “Get something done” is the message being sent to Washington and that includes members of both parties.

• We note with sadness the recent death of actor G.D. Spradlin, who never made the first wave of Hollywood stars but was one of the best character actors around. Spradlin was as good as anyone at playing jerks, and most of his roles were slanted that way. He could sneer with the best of them. Spradlin made a fortune in the oil business at an early age and retired before taking up acting. He became quite adept at it, and he’ll be missed.