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Noted and passed
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• There are no doubt many Netflix users in Kershaw County; the video mail service grew over the years at an astonishing rate with its wide choice of flicks and excellent customer service. Then came a price increase that resulted in the loss of millions of customers, a move that CEO Reed Hastings recently acknowledged was “arrogant.” The landscape is littered with companies that made brilliant moves, then followed them up with dunderheaded strategies that spelled death for them. It’s too early to tell for Netflix.

• We notice that Linda McMahon, former head of a professional wrestling organization, will make another run for the U.S. Senate. McMahon lost a couple years ago to Richard Blumenthal in Connecticut despite spending $50 million of her own money. She says she’s getting ready for another race, and maybe this time she can get her opponent in an arm bar or a figure-four grapevine hold and win the race.

• The “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy concerning gays in the military has finally fallen by the wayside. President Bill Clinton wanted to end the ban on gays in the service but couldn’t push it through Congress, finally having to settle for the stopgap measure. It’s a sign of overdue justice in this country that dedicated soldiers who are gay will no longer have to hide their sexual orientations.

• We admire ageless crooner Tony Bennett for his mellow voice and ability to adapt to a changing market, but we’ll give him an F when it comes to his remark about the United States provoking the 9/11 attacks. Bennett has since apologized, and we’ll give him the benefit of the doubt in that he was perhaps having a lapse of memory or judgment, for if that’s his true sentiment, you won’t find us lined up to buy any of his tunes.

• There are thousands of Atlanta Braves fans here in Kershaw County, most of them no doubt perplexed by the team’s recent collapse. Once a shoo-in for a wild-card spot in the playoffs even though they couldn’t catch the streaking Philadelphia Phillies, the Braves are now struggling to make the post-season. Over in the American League, the enigmatic Boston Red Sox have suffered a similar collapse, adding another moment of drama to the baseball season. How’s this for a Holywood-type ending -- a late-season comeback and a World Series between Atlanta and Boston?