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Noted and passed
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• We couldn’t help but be a bit wistful last week upon reading that DuPont is making a $500-million plant expansion at its Moncks Corner facility, which produces Kevlar. We recall fondly the glory days of DuPont in Kershaw County, when the May Plant had more than 4,000 people on the payroll in high-paying, steady jobs. The company, like most large corporations then, transferred many people frequently, which led to an influx and egress of talented, interesting people into and out of this area. Many have remained here in Camden even after DuPont sold its May Plant -- we’re gratified that INVISTA is still operating, though on a far smaller scale -- and they have enriched the community immeasurably.

• Gov. Nikki Haley’s directive that employees at state agencies answer the telephone with a cheerful “It’s a great day in South Carolina” has created somewhat of a controversy, which just proves that anything these days can be controversial. We doubt the upbeat greeting will lure businesses or residents to the Palmetto State, but it’s certainly nothing which should cause people to get their panties in a bind. Much ado about nothing, we’d say.

• Former Alaska Gov. and vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin announced last week that she’s not going to run for president. That’s good. She had no chance. Her shtick is getting a little old, too.

• With the U.S. continuing its reliance on Middle Eastern oil, it’s discouraging to read that high-tech energy companies which are seeking alternative, clean forms of energy aren’t doing well financially. The bankruptcy of Solyndra, which left the government holding the bag on half a billion dollars of loan guarantees, has been well publicized, but there are many other companies which also are struggling mightily. That doesn’t bode well, of course, for future energy independence.