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Noted and passed -- April 25, 2011
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• Southwest Airlines has been flying out of Greenville-Spartanburg and Charleston airports for several weeks now, with good apparent results. Travelers are booking trips for the unique airline’s lower fares and lack of add-on fees. It’s too bad that Columbia’s airport can’t attract a quality nationwide low-cost carrier, for as airline prices continue to soar, Kershaw County travelers will be joining others across the country in seeking the lowest fares.

• We’re glad to see Rep. Joe Wilson taking action to make sure that U.S. soldiers who are serving overseas will be able to cast their ballots in next year’s presidential election. In 2010, many states -- South Carolina not among them -- didn’t get ballots to troops in Iraq and Afghanistan in time for them to mark them and return them by deadline. If anyone shouldn’t be ignored during the electoral process, soldiers are at the top of the list.

• It was nice to see the Atlanta Braves retire the number of former manager Bobby Cox, and most Kershaw County baseball fans would agree that it is a fitting tribute to the longtime skipper, who ended his career as the fourth-winningest manager of all time. Under his leadership, the Braves won 14 straight division titles and the 1995 World Series.

• We notice that the upscale clothing retailer Abercrombie & Fitch is selling a padded, push-up bikini bra top aimed at girls as young as 7. It’s produced a backlash by those who think it’s in poor taste, and we agree. It’s not the first controversy for the company, which has been criticized and boycotted in the past for its ads and some of its clothing items. Enticing tiny girls into push-up bras is the ultimate in bad taste, and we hope parents will see the folly of this and turn a blind eye to the garments.