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Noted and passed -- April 30, 2012
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• USAirways, which has a major hub in Charlotte, is making a play for American Airlines, which is in bankruptcy, cutting a deal with American’s unions that will give USAirways a step up in the merger it seeks. For Kershaw County travelers who choose to fly out of Charlotte rather than subject themselves to the restrictions of Columbia’s limited flight schedules, that would be a great improvement, and we hope USAirways is able to pull its deal off. • Michael Jordan might be the best basketball player in history, but he’s not exactly lighting the scoreboard up as an owner. Jordan’s Charlotte Bobcats finished the season 7-59, the worst record in the history of the NBA. Jordan says he’s sticking with the team’s rebuilding plan, but it looks like a major construction project to us. • We note that Newt Gingrich is dropping out of the presidential race and is endorsing Mitt Romney.