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Noted and passed -- April 6, 2012
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• Everybody realizes that airline food isn’t the best – even if you get anything at all to eat, which isn’t often -- but a woman traveling on Qantas Airlines from Los Angeles to Melbourne, Australia, last week got the ultimate insult -- crawling maggots in a bag of trail mix distributed by a flight attendant. There’s no word on whether she had to use her airline sickness bag after discovering the creatures mid-snack, but Qantas’ offer to her -- $400 off her $1,600 ticket -- seems a bit chintzy. • Keith Olbermann, the far-left TV personality who got fired from MSNBC and then was canned recently by the Current channel (Al Gore is one of the organizers), has an ego that far outstrips his talent. Of his being terminated by Current, Olbermann told David Letterman, “If you buy a $10 million chandelier, you should have a house to put it in.