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Noted and passed for Nov. 28, 2011
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• We haven’t been very impressed with the “Occupy” protestors at different sites across the United States -- most don’t appear to have much of an idea of what they’re protesting -- but unless there is something that doesn’t meet the eye, police officers at the University of California-Davis used poor judgment in directing pepper spray at students who appear to be passively sitting on the ground. Further examination might provide new evidence warranting the officers’ actions, but at first blush it appeared inexcusable. • We can’t say we’re surprised by the apparent failure of the “Super Committee” in Washington to come to an agreement on reducing the deficit, for those who appointed members didn’t exactly choose people who appeared open to compromise. Most of the Democrats and Republicans appointed to the group were somewhat doctrinaire in their philosophy, so the idea of compromise could have been scuttled from the beginning. • The American Bar Association has secretly declared a number of President Obama’s potential federal judges “not qualified,” which says something about the chief executive’s judgment.