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Noted and passed -- July 18, 2011
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• The suit filed by former Kershaw County Sheriff Steve McCaskill against present Sheriff Jim Matthews is a messy situation that will cost county taxpayers money. Libel laws are written so that people who hold themselves up to scrutiny -- in other words, almost all elected officials -- have very difficult tasks in winning such suits; they must usually prove there is malice involved, which is difficult to do. At the same time, Matthews has certainly made uncomplimentary comments about McCaskill. This matter could end up being expensive and unpleasant for lots of people.

• After denying for months that he was interested in the White House, Texas Gov. Rick Perry is making signs that he might have a case of Potomac Fever, after all. His aides are reaching out to political operatives in key primary states such as South Carolina, and Perry has acknowledged he’s interested. His record of success, especially in creating jobs in the Lone Star State, is impressive. However, we’re not sure the American people are ready to elect another governor from Texas.

• Camden City Council is considering appointing high school students to commissions, and we can see both sides of the situation, both those who favor the measure and those who oppose it. Getting people involved at a young age is a good idea, but students often have other things on their minds and might not have the maturity to make solid decisions. In the end, limiting commission members to voting-age citizens is probably a good idea.