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Noted and passed -- July 25, 2011
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• Actress Jane Fonda says she’s “deeply disappointed that (shopping channel) QVC caved in to insane pressure” and cancelled her recent television appearance. Fonda, as you might recall, straddled a Viet Cong anti-aircraft gun during the Vietnam war; she later charged she’d been tricked into the stunt. But people have long memories. Fonda’s conduct went far beyond activism and protest, amounting instead to consorting with the enemy, and she must live with the consequences. If QVC made the decision to cancel her appearance because the company thought she would ultimately hurt business, the network had every right to make that decision. Fonda should quit whining.

• With Republicans and Democrats locked in combat over the country’s debt crisis, voters in Kershaw County and across the country are no doubt looking ahead to the 2012 presidential election. So far, Republican donors aren’t very impressed with the party’s field. President Obama is certainly vulnerable, but reports show that only about one in five big-money donors who supported John McCain in 2008 have made donations to any of the GOP candidates. It’s a crowded field, and if the money doesn’t start flowing, it will become un-crowded pretty soon.

• We watched with interest the tragic deaths of three people in Yosemite National Park last week. They were swept over a waterfall after they had ignored warning signs and ventured into a river just above the falls zone. This was not an isolated event in national parks, where the majesty of nature is on display, as tourists regularly take risks they shouldn’t. Just as with storms, Mother Nature is always in control, and those who don’t believe that do so at their own peril.

• Southeastern Conference Commissioner Mike Slave is raising some interesting questions about the way big-time college sports operate. Slave is suggesting that scholarships be multi-year awards, with conditions attached regarding academic performance and behavior, and he’s saying the recruiting process needs to be altered. The NCAA is more and more becoming an outdated institution, and a wholesale change is needed. Slave makes sense.

• We notice that Tiger Woods has fired his longtime caddie, Stevie Williams, who of course isn’t pleased with the decision. Williams had been “on the bag” of Woods for 13 years before his termination, and he hasn’t exactly been a likeable guy. But most fans would agree Woods’ problems stem from his own behavior, as well as his physical injuries, and aren’t difficulties caused by Williams.