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Noted and passed - July 30, 2012
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• We offer a tip of the Chronicle-Independent hat to the Rev. Bruce Hancock and the members of Camden’s First Baptist Church, who are celebrating Hancock’s 20th anniversary as pastor. It is rare that a minister remains at one church that long, and Hancock has carved out an enviable record at the county’s largest church, with a great deal of growth (and spiritual nutrition) taking place. • One of the interesting dynamics of the current presidential race is that Americans say they like President Obama more than they like Mitt Romney, but they also are skeptical of Obama’s big-government ways, with 61 percent of those recently polled saying the federal government is doing too many thing that should be left to individuals and businesses. It remains to be seen which of the two will take precedence in November -- his likeability or his government-trumps-all philosophy. • A New Hampshire civilian laborer working on a Navy submarine who wanted to get off work early set a fire that caused $400 million in damage to the project.