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Noted and passed -- June 6, 2011
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• The attempt by Walt Disney Co. to trademark the term “Seal Team 6” following the killing of Osama bin Laden by a team of Navy Seals was a shameless money grab. Critics and comedians ridiculed Disney for its attempt and the company later said it was abandoning its effort “out of deference to the Navy.” Whichever Disney executive advanced that bungled idea should be shown the door.

• We note with sadness the recent death of Dr. Robert Watkins, who was medical director of DuPont for 40 years during the Delaware-based firm’s heyday in Kershaw County. Dr. Watkins was a kind man who dealt compassionately with all those with whom he came in contact.

• Gov. Nikki Haley is having a little dust-up with members of the General Assembly as she wants them to return this week for a special session to deal with three of her priorities. We don’t have any strong feelings on her desire to merge the Department of Probation, Pardon and Parole into the Department of Corrections (now headed by Camdenite Bill Byars), but her other two issues make sense: allowing the governor to appoint the secretary of education, and allowing the governor and lieutenant governor to run as a team.

• Reporters have always been able to count on USC football coach Steve Spurrier to provide “good copy,” and he’s still at it: his recent comments that college players should be paid, thus reaping some of the financial benefits of big-time college athletics, drew support from some and an almost-indignant response from the power structure of the Southeastern Conference and the NCAA. Spurrier knew his proposal wouldn’t get very far but wanted to get things out before the public, and he did a darned good job of that.

• Several months ago, we noted that outspoken U.S. Rep. Anthony Weiner was appropriately named, as he often acted in accordance with his last name. His responses to accusations that he sent photos of himself in underwear to a woman via Twitter have drawn a confused and unclear explanation from the New York politician. We retain our original opinion of him.