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Noted and passed - March 12, 2012
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• In the wake of revelations that some NFL teams paid bonuses to defensive players for delivering such hard hits that offensive players were knocked out of games, it would be naïve for anyone to believe this is a new wrinkle. But league commissioner Roger Goodell needs to deal with this and put an end to it, especially in light of all the recent revelations about brain damage caused by repeated blows to the head. • The trial of a Columbia man on charges of reckless homicide stemming from a Lake Murray boating accident which killed two women is another stark reminder that vessels can be as deadly as automobiles. The boating season for Lake Wateree is approaching, and we hope everyone will keep in mind that over-zealous drinking doesn’t mix with boating any more than it does with driving. • We’re glad to see that a bill in the S.C. House of Representatives which would ban texting while driving appears to be gaining bipartisan support.