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Noted and passed -- Nov. 14, 2011
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• We note with sadness the death of South Carolina native Joe Frazier, who was the heavyweight boxing champion of the world during the 1970s and fought memorable bouts with Muhammad Ali. “Smoking Joe” beat Ali and then lost to him in Manila in one of the epic fights of all times. He struggled thereafter with being Ali’s whipping post but finally assumed forgiveness for the cruel taunts that Ali rained down on him. Frazier was, by all accounts, a thoroughly decent man, and he earned a spot in boxing history.

• If you need proof that a good quarterback is vital to football success, you need look no further than the Indianapolis Colts, who in two years have gone from chasing an undefeated season to being winless (prior to Sunday’s game), all because of the injury of all-pro quarterback Peyton Manning. The Colts are now looking at drafting Stanford star Andrew Luck, proving that the team’s front-office fully realizes which position on the field is most important.

• Evangelist Billy Graham celebrated his 93rd birthday last week; he’s a true icon of the ministry in the United States. Whereas many famous “TV preachers” have run afoul of their own greed and weaknesses of the flesh, Graham has forever been without a hint of scandal. He’s a much-admired man who has earned his accolades.