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Noted and passed - Oct. 28, 2013
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• There’s a bit of confusion and disagreement among Camden City Council members and officials about just how quickly the development process for the former Maxway building site should move, but one thing is clear: without any improvement at all, the site already looks better than it did when the rotting building stood there. It will be interesting to see what finally happens, but we’ll offer a tip of the hat to council members for proceeding with the demolition. • And while we’re on the subject of downtown Camden, kudos to the Camden Garden Club, which has provided eight hanging baskets which are being placed on Broad Street between DeKalb and Rutledge streets. They will spiff up the area and make things more colorful and attractive. • In this day of instant communication, someone can always create a controversy, and the latest one involves a claim by Connecticut residents that the Wright Brothers’ 1903 airplane flight in Kitty Hawk, N.C., really wasn’t the first in history.