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Shes back
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No couple in America stirs emotions like Bill and Hillary Clinton, so when she showed up at an Iowa political festival acting more and more like a presidential candidate, it caused quite a flap among those who have begun such movements as “Ready For Hillary,” and also among those who’d rather see anybody than her become president. But it proved one thing: that even after decades in the spotlight of the political arena, she still commands attention.

Iowa, of course, holds undue political influence because of its “first in the nation” nominating process, which, by the way, relies not on broad public opinion but on caucuses which are dominated by a relatively small group of political enthusiasts. Last week, Clinton appeared at the 37th annual steak fry hosted by longtime Sen. Tom Harkin of that state. And she all but gave up protesting that she’s a candidate.

Meanwhile, Priorities USA, the large Democratic fund-raising organization which helped boost President Obama into the White House, has re-invented itself as a Clinton campaign group. It has already begun making overtures to political donors to toss money into the Clinton campaign machine. Of course, nothing can be taken for granted; in 2008, Clinton was anointed the hands-on favorite to win the Democratic nomination, only to have it ripped from her grasp by Obama.

With a mighty, “I’m back” statement, Clinton all but declared she’s a candidate. That ensures only one thing -- the emotions will run high on the campaign trail over the next two years.