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It will come as no surprise to most Kershaw Countians that the so-called Washington “super committee” which is charged with coming up with a plan to rein in runaway deficits is not only failing to make progress but now has been witnessing back-and-forth sniping between its members. It’s just the latest chapter in a rancorous debate between Republicans and Democrats in Washington, with the loser, of course, being the American taxpayer.

The committee is made up of 12 lawmakers, half of them Democrats and half Republicans. So unproductive has the board become that it is now reduced to bitter name-calling. The sad truth is that the members of the committee appear to truly dislike those of the opposite party, and that hinders meaningful debate, of course. Democrats are so entrenched with their own philosophy and Republicans with theirs, that a stalemate appears unlikely to be broken.

If the committee is unable to come up with a plan by Nov. 23, about $1 trillion in cuts will be automatically effected; that amount is a drop in the bucket to the problem that exists. If that occurs, at least one thing will be painfully clear: that efforts to bridge the partisan gap in Washington have again failed. These days, that’s nothing new as members of each party hew to their own lines and blithely ignore what’s best for the country.