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Texting ban
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South Carolina is now one of 16 states which don’t ban sending text messages while driving. In recent years, more and more states have prohibited the dangerous practice -- 13 since the beginning of last year. It’s time for the Palmetto State to step forward and join what is a common-sense practice by banning texting while behind the wheel. Republicans who control the General Assembly will sometimes say they don’t want to add any more government regulations, but a ban on texting makes just as much sense as a speed limit or a law to prevent passing on yellow lines. It’s simply a safety issue.

Texting began largely as a practice of young people but it is now ubiquitous among people of all ages. Though some texters are incredibly pliant with the fingers on the small keys of their mobile devices, it nevertheless is terribly distracting. And for those who aren’t so skilled at texting, the practice is just as dangerous as if they were trying to type on a computer or add columns on a calculator while driving. It simply makes no sense to allow such a dangerous practice to continue, for drivers-texters not only put themselves in danger, they also endanger all others on the road.

The General Assembly has plenty of precedent from other states to research and pass a texting ban. Lame excuses for not doing so are simply that -- lame excuses.