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Camden's YMCA project
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I have listened to the vehement objections to the proposed YMCA project that may be built on the former Mather Academy site. The anger that I sense from the opponents to this project is fierce and contentious. They have every right to express their objections vocally and in writing.

My advocacy for this proposal by City Council is based on having lived and worked in different communities in South Carolina and North Carolina and participated in their economic and community well being for more than 40 years.

There are communities that have a YMCA for their citizens to enjoy and there are communities that do not have a YMCA. My observations convince me that those that have a YMCA fare better as growth centers than those communities that do not.

These are uncertain times. Some choose to defer decisions until worldwide relations are clearer, economic situations improve, and we feel comfortable about tomorrow. My hope is that Camden and Kershaw County citizens and future generations will realize the benefits of this unique opportunity to make our community more viable and competitive.