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Councilman to The State newspaper:
Stop trashing county with circulars
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(Editor’s note: District 4 Kershaw County Councilman Jimmy Jones requested the following letter, which he wrote to The State Publisher and President Sara Johnson Borton on Jan. 4, be reprinted as a letter to the editor in today’s Chronicle-Independent.) Ms. Borton, As the elected representative of the West Wateree community of Kershaw County, I am being regularly approached by my constituency expressing their displeasure at the trashing of their neighborhoods by the delivery of the The State newspaper circulars. This has resulted in our Sheriff’s Office pulling men away from their normal duties to respond to countless complaints of littering and our Public Works department assigning staff to roadside cleanup. The fact that homeowners are forced to pick up plastic bags and paper out of their own yards, unoccupied neighbors houses, ditches and roadways is an annoyance that many find unacceptable.