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Few a 'woman of accomplishment, vision'
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Your Friday, Sept. 24, edition ran a front-page article on the results of the special Democrat primary explaining that the next State House representative for District 79 will be either Democrat Mia Butler of Columbia or Republican Sheri Few from Lugoff.

The article was mostly even-handed, although it describes Mrs. Few as the “Tea-Partyist nominee” and was written by a staff writer who earlier this year used your newspaper opinion pages to express his complete contempt for “Tea Partiers.” 

I would like your staff to spend more time covering the differences between the candidates who will affect our lives for at least the next two years. If your paper is going to mischaracterize the affiliation of one the candidates, it could at least give more details on their relative qualifications.

Whereas many in the tea party movement have only been politically active in the last year and a half, and thank goodness they have, Sheri Few has been working for the conservative cause and the conservative movement for more than 10 years. 

Sheri Few has a solid and admirable record of service to the people of her district and our state. She has served as the Kershaw County GOP chair after being elected in 2007; served as the Kershaw County GOP executive committeeman in 2009 and currently serves as vice chair of the Kershaw County Republican Women. Just this year, Mrs. Few was elected chair of the South Carolina Commission on Women. She is also the founder of South Carolina Parents Involved in Education. These are only some of the highlights from her resume of public service and activism for the citizens of our state.

By contrast, Mia Butler has been a paid lobbyist who jumped into District 79 politics only after the Democrat incumbent abandoned the race. 

The choice facing District 79 voters is not a Democrat or a “Tea-Partyist,” but a woman of accomplishment and vision against an inexperienced opportunist. Even your opinionated staff writers and editorial board should be able to reach the right conclusion and endorse Kershaw County’s own Sheri Few.