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KCSD right to ban book
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I read with interest of author Chris Crutcher’s visit to the Abbeville County Library and Abbeville Rotary Club last month.

Mr. Crutcher may be a well-known writer, but I for one believe the Kershaw County School District was right in eliminating his book, “Angry Management,” from its summer reading list due to parental objection to the foul language in this book.

I was raised in an era when caring parents did their utmost to expose us to those things that were uplifting and healthy for our minds. As an octogenarian, all these years later I must say the philosophy of my parents and others in those Depression years has served me well.

Now I am a great-grandfather, and it distresses me to see the things to which the young people of today are exposed. Whether it comes from television, movies, the Internet, music, radio, books, magazines, or other media, the young minds of 2011 find themselves constantly barraged with inappropriate language, conduct and content. Subsequently, it’s no small wonder we find our world in such a state of disarray.

As the Bible says, we reap what we sow. Isn’t it time that we start sowing to build up rather than to tear down?