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Let voters decide
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I've always been proud to say I'm a Camdenite, even though I haven't lived there in more than four decades. My dad, Everett "Skip" Ring, was among the first wave of out-of-staters DuPont transferred in during the early 1950s. We moved to Camden the week of my 5th birthday and resided there until the summer after I graduated Camden High. Although I have lived numerous other places, in my heart Camden is my hometown. Over the last 12 years, business trips have afforded me the opportunity to periodically visit Camden as I've passed through. I have enjoyed these stops and almost feel as if I never moved away.

I keep somewhat "up to speed" with current events in Camden by use of Facebook and by reading bits of items in the Chronicle-Independent online. I'm bothered a lot by the apparent volatile atmosphere concerning the proposed YMCA facility. I don't know who is right or wrong, and both sides probably have merit to their arguments. I gather from what I read and conversations with childhood friends that more than just a few people are very opposed to the project and want a referendum to decide the issue.

Most things that come before city councils everywhere elicit little public debate. This issue appears to be an exception. No matter how it ends up there are going to be citizens who are unhappy with the result. But if the Camden City Council offers to let the voters decide the fate of the proposed YMCA via referendum, then the majority of the citizenry will have spoken. And that is what is truly best for any community.