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Letter: Alternative Karesh entrance a better first impression
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Since my name was mentioned in the June 14 edition of the Chronicle-Independent, I want to clarify my position regarding the entryway to the new Karesh Wing. I’m delighted the Karesh Wing is relocating to this beautiful tract of land contiguous to my home and neighborhood. I strongly support the C-I’s long held view that Camden can and should strive to become a first-class retirement community.

As the centerpiece of these efforts, every facet of development of the new Karesh Wing is important. In my opinion, an entryway should be safe, convenient and attractive. The currently proposed entryway from S.C. 97 falls short in each respect. Not much wider than a standard two-car garage, it would be difficult for drivers, many of whom like myself are seniors, to navigate and it might be dangerous for emergency vehicles that often travel at a high rate of speed.

An entrance from Broad Street would be safer and much more convenient for residents and visitors to the new facility allowing them much easier access to nearby businesses such as the grocery store, restaurants and pharmacies. First impressions are important and a well-designed and attractive entrance not only better meets the needs for safety and convenience, it projects a better image for the community and makes the facility much more desirable for prospective users.

It’s true that you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression. For these reasons, I urge the board of the Health Services District of Kershaw County to make every effort to construct the main entrance to our new economic centerpiece at either of the two available Broad Street properties instead of the narrow entry between the Dusty Bend post office and mental health office.

Bill Ferguson, Camden