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Letter: Be consider for parades
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Soon, the Christmas parades will be rolling through our city streets proclaiming the birth of Christ and featuring many colorful floats, marching band and Santa Claus.

Last year, I (and many others I’ve spoken to) noticed that a lot of businesses, especially in Lugoff, had cordoned off the rights-of-way to stop cars and trucks from parking there to watch the parade with their friends and families.

Parking to watch the Lights of Lugoff parade is one night out of 364 other nights. Businesses, please don’t deprive the citizens of Lugoff from parking in front of your business for this one evening! These same people are the ones that shop in your stores or look in your car lots and keep you in business. And, citizens of Lugoff, please be responsible and do not throw your trash out of windows and off the back of your truck. Carry a trash bag with you and take the trash home.

Merry Christmas!