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Letter: Confidential jobs, investment?
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In August, I requested that the Kershaw County Economic Development Office (KCEDO) provide correct information to council, and Kershaw County citizens, as to location and expansions of industries since 2009.

After repeated inquiries from me, the KCEDO changed its location and expansions of industries to correctly delete 410 new jobs and a $72 million investment that never happened.

I still requested accurate information from the KCEDO as to investment and jobs.

To this day, the KCEDO lists in 2010 as an industrial expansion a confidential company with 40 jobs committed and $10 million investment and a confidential company with 140 jobs committed and $10 million investment, for a total of 180 confidential jobs in 2010 and $20 million in confidential investment in 2010.

How can job commitment and investment committed in 2010 be confidential in 2018? How can you hire confidential employees and how can you pay confidential taxes and how can an announcement for jobs and investment in 2010 be a confidential company in 2018 -- as bragged about and promoted by the KCEDO?

Kershaw County deserves accurate information and the citizens deserve accurate information.