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Letter: Don't fail to market to retirees
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Two years ago, SmartAsset, a personal finance technology company headquartered in New York City that uses financial modeling to power advice on major financial decisions evaluated 10 South Carolina cities from Hilton Head to Aiken to Myrtle Beach in terms of the best recreational and social opportunities for retirees, and ranked Camden number one. This rating was before the stunning transformation of our City Arena and our fantastic tennis and pickleball complex (thank you, City Manager Mel Pearson and city council). In that same time period, two fully-funded planned retirement living developments here (one an assisted living facility for 85 residents near the hospital) that would have brought in about 400 retirees and revitalized the northern business district were effectively stopped in their tracks by a few local residents determined to stop growth, citing the possibility of increased traffic, the loss of trees and too much residential density.