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Letter: Moped, motorcycle violation enforcement needed
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I would like to know when the Camden Police and the S.C. Highway Patrol are going to crack down on moped and motorcycle infractions?

Just the other day we passed a slow-moving moped on Route 1 in front of Walmart’s with a dog sitting  on the driver’s lap. If that isn’t an accident going to happen I don’t know what is. The bad part is he went right past a Camden policeman sitting in the middle lane in front of  the Gate gas station.

I have encountered another moped several times going 28 miles an hour up and down Route 521, holding up as many as 12 vehicles including tractor trailers and cars. This has been reported many times to the S.C. Highway Patrol with no success. The bad part of this is that the cars and trucks are passing when there is a no passing zone.  The moped driver refuses to pull over to let the traffic pass. The posted speed limit is 55 mph.

The next problem is having two people on a moped. Most mopeds are designed for one person only. They are not equipped for an extra rider.

The next problem is with loud mufflers on big motorcycles. Most of them don’t have mufflers and just use straight pipes. Most of these bikes would not pass the noise violation.

When are the police going to do their job and start pulling over these violators?