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Letter: Not the time to criticize Trump
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It is not this African-American and senior citizen’s desire, nor is it the time, to criticize President Trump’s conservative movement. There is a storm in the conservative movement, a cloud which is destined to sweep over this great country forever.

Recently, President Trump said he may order his military to use deadly force (shoot to kill) on the immigrants at our southern border (it is like thunder in my ears).

I pray regularly and askFather God to speed the time when human blood ceases to flow in America.

On a daily basis I always wonder, are the American people fools enough to retain this cancer cloud that is eating our vitals, when we can safely extirpate it? This American vice has done more than any other thing to degrade the American people in the eyes of the civilized world in the last two years.

The abolitionists saw this day of tribulation and reign of terror many generations ago.

The sad truth is that some of our military soldiers do not have the right frame of mind. All it will take is one senselessly shooting and all hell will break loose. This violent act will be guaranteed shown around the world.

The land of the free and the home of the brave will never be the same. Our children and grandchildren will truly pay the price for many generations to come.