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Letter: Op-writer disinformation
Richard Mims, Lugoff
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I am anguished with biased journalists and journalism these politically corrupt days. I am an independent who has voted for almost as many Republican presidents as Democratic. I am now a Republican and will remain one until the Democrats and press cease using exact story lines and talking points each day to trash the president of the United States and not cooperate with his correct assessment of U..S. need. I surf among many news stations and it seems every commentator is saying the same thing -- nothing original -- the same thing--aping whomever is publishing the “talking points of the day.” Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi are the Democratic Party. Almost every other Democratic politician follows those two, similar to a leashed dog who wants to sleep, rather than walk ahead.

I heard a very different Trump address from the oval room of the White House than your senior writer. I heard the president of the United States give statistics just about as accurate as statistics can be: used in support of border security including barriers. Barriers that keep people in prisons also keep people out. The column would not have been fictional, political blabber had not the author called statistics lies -- statistics of many lawbreakers who were among the migrants trying to cross the border. Cases of law-disregarding migrants entering the U.S have been convicted detailing all the crimes mentioned by your writer not only in (their) home country and on the way to the U.S. border, but actually against American citizens in our U.S. where they legally should not be. One of the victims I have never seen mentioned in the news, the only son of one of my best friends, had a celebration dinner with his wife in Fayetteville, N.C. -- and on their way home, he was killed by a drunk illegal alien.

The president walked into a meeting with Democrats with has bargaining chip (wall) outstretched in his hands and known by every citizen interested in politics in the U.S. The meeting was for compromise. In my book compromise means you give me some of what I want and I’ll give you some of what you want. We have all learned from the “Me Too” movement that when a woman says “no” the conversation ends. When Pelosi said “no,” Trump walked out. I love a president who will not kow-tow to people seeming to have anti-U.S.citizen interests.

For you progressives, Americans are fewer than 5 percent of the world’s population. Middle class and poor citizens cannot support 95 percent of the world’s population, let alone let any and all of them walk illegally into our country and get our services (we know they are getting medical and educational services from recent actions of New York politicians.) President Obama did lie when he said illegals would not receive U.S. services. Representative Joe Wilson is vindicated. All money from the elite through taxes cannot support Socialism -- even with the addition of oil money (Venezuela).

I would hope that writers, journalists, commentators, citizens do not lose golden opportunities to keep their mouths shut. If one doesn’t have something meaningful to say that will help their fellow humans rather than politicians, it should not be said. Now is an excellent time for editors and writers to stand out and make names for themselves with true journalism -- not Trump bashing. Start telling it like it is today.