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Letter: Reader wants more of U.S. 521 cleaned up
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While the city of Camden is busy cleaning the streets and sweeping the bridges for the upcoming Carolina Cup, I wish they would extend the area of cleaning to outside the city limits.

We live at 1700 Kershaw Highway (521) and our street is appalling. There is trash on both sides of the street. It reminds me of a typical road leading into a land fill. One side is garbage left by people who have no respect for property and the other side is littered with tree trash left over from the crews clearing the trees from the power lines. I hope these tree people are coming back to clean up because my wife and I are in our mid-70s and cannot do it.

The area I’m talking about mainly lies between the Jehovah Witness church and DeKalb Baptist Church (2 miles up) on North 521. I would like someone to come out here and see the area.

U.S. 521 is a popular artery coming into and leaving Camden and is used very heavy with visiting buses and attendees of the two horse races.

Thank you.