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Letter: Remembering Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday
Edward R. Allen, Camden
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Each and every year in the month of January, Marin L. King Jr. Day is officially an American federal holiday. The James Weldon Johnson song written lyrics, Lift Every Voice and Sing -- often referred to as the “African-American National Anthem” -- came to mind. In part.

As he so eloquently penned, we African-Americans have come over a way that with tears has been watered. “We have come treading our path through the blood of the slauightered.” Johnson’s pen leaves us with this prayerful hope.

(Complex social issues)

“God of our weary years; God of our silent tears; Thou who has by the might led us into light. Keep us forever in the path we pray.”

This African-American and senior citizen prays regularly and I ask Father God that he may speed up the days when all Americans’ tears shall be wiped from our eyes.